A medical review of a patient, a Medico Legal Report in a medical malpractice case, is a document requested in order to gain expert testimony in support of the cause and nature of a patient's injury. This document contains all details about the medical treatment, examination and diagnosis of a patient, as well as other details about the case. The document may also include a complete description of the medical practitioner's investigation of the patient's case.

In general, a Medico Legal report provides support for a claim that the patient suffered an injury and, therefore, the claim merits compensation for that injury, while stating that a reasonable medical practitioner would have ruled the injury as being minor and not deserving compensation. The document may also support a claim that the patient was injured by a medical procedure performed improperly, or even a claim that the procedure was medically unnecessary. In a Medico Legal report, the physician is required to disclose all information about the case, even if the patient did not suffer an injury that caused the claim to be filed in court.

Why you need to review medico report carefully?

The Medico Legal report must be reviewed carefully by the medical practitioner involved in the case before it is used in court as evidence of the proper medical procedures performed on a patient. While reviewing a Medico Legal report, the court will evaluate the strength of the patient's claim and determine if he or she deserves compensation for his or her medical services. After a Medico Legal report is reviewed, the court may find the evidence supports a claim, and rule against it.

As a general rule, any information disclosed by a medical practitioner must be truthful and accurate. However, the doctor's obligation to provide the patient with this document does not extend to providing information that may harm or even be false. Therefore, in cases where a patient has been harmed by the actions of another, a physician may be required to reveal information that would hurt the other party's case.

Medico legal reports can be used in court if a medical practitioner is called upon to testify at a trial. It is usually not necessary to use the Medico Legal report at the deposition of the physician in order to prove or disprove a claim, and the court will typically rule in favor of the plaintiff at this point in the case.


The documents found in a Medico Legal report are designed to assist attorneys in deciding whether or not to grant a motion to dismiss a case.